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Photographer & Web Designer

Mithat Vural Hakkında

About Me

I was born in Istanbul in 1961
For many years I worked as a graphic designer and architectural designer in the architectural design departments of companies.
I specialized in computer-aided design and 3D architectural animation in Autocad and 3DMax software.
Now I work as a freelance web designer
But my real interest has always been photography.
For me, Photography is always about capturing moments around us, always capturing the temporary ones.
There is something very honest and clear about photography, and this is a special way of defining my idea and making sense of the world around me.
Taking pictures is a great story telling scene about our existence, and it’s also a unique love of exactly what I’m taking.
All of these photos were caught in a blink of an eye and frozen.
I want to find the beauty of banal in every photo.
Straight Photography is a movement in photographic art that depicts landscapes,objects and events without an emotional representation of the world we are in.
When you look at my photos, you will find ordinary situations, banal landscapes and objects.

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